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Organizing PEFC Michael Berger CEO’s visit to Japan seminar
The first in-person seminar was held after a long time taking into account of settling down the infection from COVID-19. It was a great success, with over 100 people applying and 85 attendees from various industries, exceeding expectations.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Announces Revision of Green Procurement Guidelines
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government's revised Green Purchasing Guidelines (for the 2023 edition) now call on companies and organizations to purchase sustainable products with biodiversity conservation. The new version removed the exemption provision included in the previous version.

Contributing to SDGs! Yokosuka City's public facility initiative using SGEC-certified materials
The public facility "  Nagai Umine Park Soleil Hill " in Yokosuka City uses SGEC-certified materials to contribute to SDGs and will reopen on April 14.
This building uses environmentally friendly SGEC-certified cedar from Miyazaki Prefecture for the store, greenhouse, and other parts. It is part of a'DandC Co. Inc., efforts to provide forest ecosystem services and CSR activities, as well as a certified company that contributes to the SDGs.

SGEC-certified road bike rack debuts at Seibu Railway station
A road bike rack made with SGEC-certified materials, wood sourced from certified forests in Hanno-city, Saitama. That is installed at Seibu Railway Chichibu station in March 2023.

PEFC-certified paper used in C1000 Vitamin Lemon multipack packaging
PEFC-certified paper will be used in the multi-pack of C1000 brand Vitamin Lemon (with less than 10% fruit juice) sold by HOUSE WELLNESS FOODS CORPORATION. This is the first multipack using PEFC-certified paper in a product sold in Japan.

SGEC/PEFC Japan's Makiko Horio Featured in Fashion Magazine's SDGs Special
SGEC/PEFC Japan's Makiko Horio was featured in the fashion magazine's SDGs special to raise awareness of the importance of forest certification and SDGs.
Inabata & Co., Ltd. Plastics Div.2
Inabata& Co., Ltd. focuses on developing products that utilize materials worldwide while considering energy efficiency and environmental considerations.
COC Certification No.:SGSJP-PEFC-COC-2044
Initial issuance: January 9, 2023

Izu Peninsula Forest Certification Network
A network aiming to conserve the forests and promote sustainability in the Izu Peninsula. They aim to preserve the local forest resources and promote regional economic development by fostering forest certification and environmental education activities.
FM Certification No.:JAFTA-101
Initial issuance: March 1, 2023

Total Formwork Support Solutions Provider.
COC Certification No.:SA-PEFC-COC-012387
Initialassignmente: March 23, 2023
Newly certified companies reported by certification bodies from March 1, 2023, to the end of March.

PEFC Webinar: Introduction to the new EU Deforestation Regulation
Join us on Thursday 20 April for a special PEFC webinar introducing the new EU Deforestation Regulation and our related work. Discover how PEFC is aligned with the regulation and how companies can benefit from PEFC certification to demonstrate their compliance.

PEFC Forest Certification for Natural Rubber and Sustainability in the Rubber Industry
A webinar is scheduled to be held on upgrading the value chain of natural rubber using the PEFC framework. The webinar aims to provide insights into how PEFC Natural Rubber Certifications relate to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and environmental, social, and governance (ESG). Companies seeking to enhance the sustainability of their natural rubber supply chain are strongly recommended to participate.

PEFC welcomes Siti Syaliza Mustapha as new Deputy Secretary General
We are delighted to announce that Siti Syaliza Mustapha is our new Deputy Secretary General and COO. Siti has been in her new position since 1 March.

Austria’s historic parliament building reopens with PEFC-certified furniture
In January, Austria’s historic parliament building officially reopened after several years of renovation. The offices are now equipped with modern, PEFC-certified furniture.

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