A tree-planting festival was held!
The 5th Less Pollen Cedar Tree Planting Festival was held on October 14th, 2023, in an SGEC-certified forest in Hanno City. The event was organized to celebrate the 20th anniversary of SGEC/PEFC Japan. 52 participants, an increase of 160% over the previous year, planted 200 low-pollen cedar trees under sunny skies.

SGEC/PEFC 20th Anniversary Forum ‘From the Past to the Future’
On October 25th, 2023, SGEC/PEFC Japan's 20th Anniversary Forum was held at the National Urban Hall. The event was well attended by over 50 participants. During the forum, participants discussed SGEC's 20-year history, its relevance to the SDGs, and the role of forest certification in creating a sustainable society. Many lectures and panel discussions were presented, and participants engaged in a very active exchange of ideas and opinions

Over the past several months,  SGEC/PEFC Japan have held seminars and lectures. Although each had a different theme and target audience, the purpose of these events was to share knowledge and provide up-to-date information. Many participants asked questions, received feedback, and engaged in a significant exchange of ideas about the forest certification system.

SGEC-certified wood featured in a TV program
SGEC-certified wood featured in Fuji Television's information show 'Susty-Na! SDGs Everywhere' on Fuji TV shown on September 23rd, 2023, from 9:55 to 10:25 a.m. The TV program featured the use of sustainable SGEC-certified wood at Nagai Umine Park Soleil Hill in Yokosuka City.

SDGs Company Visit Learning Program
On September 26th, 2023, a lecture was given to students of Ehime Prefectural Kita-Uwa High School as part of the 'SDGs Company Visit Learning' program. This study focused on the importance of forests, the impact of deforestation, and the forest certification system as a solution to global warming, as well as other specific educational initiatives

SGEC/PEFC Japan's  Workshop at Ark Hills
Join us on December 10th at Ark Hills for a special workshop featuring a cedar and cypress leaf from SGEC certified forest, Miyazaki Prefecture. Learn about sustainable timber while making Christmas wreaths with your family
Tokyo Mokuzai Sohgo Ichiba Co., Ltd. Pre-cut Division
Sustainable use of forest resources through legality verification.
COC Certification No.:SGSJP-SGEC-COC-177 
Initial issuance: September 19, 2023
Provides products and experiences at Tokyo Forest Growing Tree for children to develop their sensibilities.
COC  Certification No.:SGSJP-SGEC-COC-178 
Initial issuance: September 21, 2023
The company is engaged in the entire process from manufacturing to sales of commercial furniture.
COC  Certification No.:SA-PEFC-COC-013747 
Initial issuance: September 29, 2023
The first group in Kagoshima Prefecture to obtain FM certification
FM Certification No.:JAFTA-102
 Initial issuance: October 1, 2023
A forestry company that cultivates forests in the Fuji region of Shizuoka Prefecture to create "sustainably managed forests" that combine environmental conservation and forestry.
FM Certification No.:FAM-036 
Initial issuance: October 1, 2023
To realize a sustainable society for the future, the company is engaged in a variety of projects related to renewable energy.
COC  Certification No.:CU-PEFC-COC-871314 
Initial issuance:October 2, 2023

Introducing new companies that have received certification, as reported by the certification bodies, 
from September 1st to the end of October 2023

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