SGEC/PEFC certified products in the sales area of timber materials at a home depot
The home depot,  Joyful Honda Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture) is leading the industry in the sale of legal woods, particularly SGEC and PEFC certified forest products, in response to the Clean Wood Act revision. This effort is preventing illegal deforestation, increasing responsibility throughout the supply chain, and helping consumers choose sustainable wood products.

Eco-friendly lure making with SGEC certified forest products
In order to promote the benefits of SGEC certified forests, the Fukushima Prefecture Federation of Forestry Cooperatives has created handmade lures using eco-friendly certified wood. This unique initiative is a new approach to communicating the importance of sustainable forest use.

The 2nd Forest Certification Promotion Seminar was held in Kagoshima.
On January 25, 2024, the 2nd Forest Certification Promotion Seminar was held in Kagoshima Prefecture, welcoming 85 participants. It featured speakers from the forest certification community, including Makiko Horio, the Marketing & Promotion Director of SGEC/PEFC Japan. Focusing on sustainable forest management and the promotion of international standards for forest certification schemes, the seminar provided an opportunity to promote a deeper understanding of forest certification. It is expected that the 3rd seminar will be held.

Seminar, February 20, Kitami, Hokkaido.
The seminar " Aiming to Utilize Forest Certified Wood - Seminar to Promote COC Certification" will be held in Kitami City, Hokkaido. This seminar aims to promote the use of wood in the building sector and contribute to decarbonization and the achievement of the SDGs. Aiming at global environmental conservation and a sustainable social economy, the seminar will raise awareness of the importance of forest certification and explain the process of obtaining COC certification.

The study meeting on forest certification in the Tokachi region, held on February 19.
The Tokachi River Area Forest and Forestry Activation Center and the Tokachi Forest Certification Council will hold a joint study session with the aim of promoting sustainable forest management and forest certification. The study session will focus on stable supply of certified wood and solutions to logistics issues, and will also provide a useful opportunity for networking with industry stakeholders.

Regarding  PEFC& EUDR
PEFC is currently working on a voluntary standard to meet the EUDR requirements by September 2024, and  PEFC will be hosting a webinar for interested parties on February 27. Details will be announced on our website at a later date. Interested parties are invited to attend. 
In addition, we have obtained the FAQs prepared by the European Commission and are posting them here. Please refer to it if you are interested.
Soo  District Forestry Cooperative
Established in 1977, the Soo District Forestry Cooperative manages forests blessed with the complex geography of eastern Kagoshima Prefecture, and is currently practicing sustainable forestry.
COC Certification No.SGSJP-SGEC-COC-182
Initial issuance:2023年11月16日
Founded in 1947, the company has expanded its operations from wood processing to construction, conducting business management that appropriately addresses environmental issues and the diversifying needs of society.
COC Certification No:SGSJP-SGEC-COC-183
Initial issuance:Novemer 27, 2023 
Domestic high-quality wood processing and sales in Akita Prefecture, practicing environmental consideration and technological innovation.
FM Certification No:JAFTA-103
Initial issuance:Deceber 1, 2023
Started a domestic maple syrup business, focusing on maple trees growing wild in the mountains of Chichibu. Promoted mixed coniferous forests and "low pollen forestation" by planting maple trees in coniferous forests.
COC Certification No:FAM-SGEC-COC-031
Initial issuance:Deceber 19, 2023
Sawataishi Kosan Co., Ltd
Akita Prefecture's certified legal wood supplier.
COC Certification No:FAM-SGEC-COC-059
Initial issuance:Deceber 20, 2023
A construction, glass, and fixture business in Kamikoani Village, Akita Prefecture, Japan.
COC Certification No:FAM-SGEC-COC-060
Initial issuance:Deceber 20, 2023
Introducing new companies that have received certification, as reported by the certification bodies, from January 1st to the end of January  2024.

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