SGEC-certified plywood is now available at Joyful Honda

SGEC-certified wood from the Odate City-owned forests in Akita Prefecture is now on the market as a new SGEC-certified product that supports the environment and local economy. The product is now available at  Joyful Honda Co., Ltd. and is catching attention as an example of sustainable forestry in practice.

40 participants gathered for the first in-person meeting since the COVID-19 pandemic

On February 22, 2024, at Light Cube Utsunomiya (Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture), stakeholders from Shizuoka City, Minamiaizu, Hanno City, Gunma Prefecture, and Tochigi Prefecture gathered to discuss how to promote forest certification and resolve issues. At the first in-person meeting after the COVID-19 pandemic, the participants shared the current issues and searched for solutions in each location.

Seminar for Promotion of Using Certified Wood and COC Certification in Kitami, Hokkaido

On February 20, 2024, a seminar on the promoting utilization of certified materials and the procedures for obtaining COC certification was held at the Okhotsk Wood Plaza in Kitami City, Hokkaido. At the seminar presentation was made by Makiko Horio, Head of Marketing & Promotion, SGEC/PEFC Japan. Several questions and opinions were raised after the seminar.

Shioya Town's new government building uses wood from a local SGEC-certified forest

In November 2023, the Shioya Town Hall (Tochigi Prefecture) was completed in a new design. The new town hall was constructed on the former site of the old Tamanyu Junior High School, and cypress trees from SGEC-certified forests were used in a part of the new building. SGEC certified forests are proof of sustainable forest management, and this project represents a contribution to the SDGs and effective use of local resources.

Eco-friendly construction, Kanumasogo Shinkin Bank, Imaichi Branch

The Kanumasogo Shinkin Bank Imaichi Branch, completed in May 2023 and opened in June, is a symbolic building project that aims to realize a sustainable society. This project sets an example of eco-friendly construction by partially using timber from SGEC-certified forests in Tochigi Prefecture, based on sustainable forest management.

Distributor of lumber and palletizing materials for packaging.
COC Certification No.FAM-PEFC-COC-038
Initial issuance:January 16, 2024
The company that energizes the office with IT.
COC Certification No:SGSJP-SGEC-COC-2047
Initial issuance:January 22, 2024
Introducing new companies that received certification from February 1st to the end of February 2024, as reported by the certification bodies.

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