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Secretary General of PEFC / CEO Michael Berger Visit to Japan
SGEC/PEFC Japan will hold a seminar on April 5 with the participation of Dr. Berger CEO to discuss the future possibility regarding the development of PEFC and a talk session with a forestry journalist.

Appointed APP Japan  as  “Champion company of PEFC”
SGEC/PEFC Japan selected APP Japan, the Japanese subsidiary of paper manufacturer APP Group as a “Champion company of PEFC” who supports the SGEC/PEFC certification system and works together to lead and drive the promotion of PEFC certification and presented a memorial plate to Mr. Tan Ui Shan, CEO.

Tree-planting ceremony at SGEC-certified forest in Misato Town, Miyazaki Prefecture
Arakashi (Quercus glauca), the famous material of "Hyuga binchotan", one of the three major charcoal in Japan, will be planted in SGEC-certified forest. This is the second times of tree-planting activities that began as part of forest conservation activities.

Featured in the Forestry Journal
Japan Forestry Journalists  Association works to keep Japan's forests healthy for future generations, and conducted research and study to explore policy approaches.
Article concerning SGEC/PEFC Japan is on page 30 (Japanese only).

Visit of 2023 Miss Japan Green Ambassador
On February 16, 2023 Miss Japan Green Ambassador Sayaka Uemura visited the SGEC/PEFC Japan office and commented that her willingness to help promoting forest certification.SGEC/PEFC Japan will inform the public of any future opportunities for collaborating events with the Miss Japan Green Ambassador.
Manufacturer of stationery planning, production, and sales company as main pencils.
COC Certification No.:JIA-PEFC-COC-2301 
Initial issuance: January 17, 2023
The organization provides Hokkaido wood (Abies sachalinensis and Karamatsu) and a variety of other wood products and construction.
Initial issuance: January 12, 2023
A general office-related trading company with a 100-year history established in 1912.
Initial issuance: February 17, 2023
Newly certified companies reported by certification bodies from February 1, 2023 to the end of February

Webinar on COC Certification for the Furniture Industry
The latest information on PEFC/COC certification, EU deforestation regulation (EUDR), etc. was held for two days.

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